University of Waterloo Map

spiuwmapCampus Map

The conference will be happening in Environment 1, 2 and 3 (EV1, EV2, Ev3 highlighted in yellow) at the University of Waterloo. The wheel chair accessible entrance (highlighted in light blue circle) is off of ring road, right near a GRT bus stop (Grand River transit which is the city bus line), as well as near a drop off point.

The other highlighted building is the SLC, which is where WPIRG is located, on the Third floor.

Highlighted in darker blue are the GRT bus stops (the city bus). See: Public Transit (in Town)
Highlighted in green is the GO bus stop. See: Public Transit (Out of Town).
The pink line by the train tracks is a trail that you can follow all the way to Victoria Park, where Saturday nights performance is. See: Public Transit (in Town)