Accessibility and Safer Space Policy

The (en)gendering Resistance organizing committee is committed to making this event as accessible as possible. We want everyone to be able to participate and to have a good time! We recognize that society is marked by structural barriers that exclude and marginalize people on a daily basis, and we are striving to create an inclusive event that does not replicate such barriers.

We are working towards this through the following measures:


This conference is FREE!


All workshops and panels will be held at the University of Waterloo in the Environment buildings(EV1, EV2, EV3). All rooms have movable furniture, and the buildings are wheel chair accessible, including buttons on the doors. The Saturday evening performance will be held at the Victoria Park Pavilion in Kitchener, which is chair and scooter accessible.


Parking is limited. There are some parking spaces near the buildings, and there are definitely drop off spots located at the buildings. Parking is available a short distance away.

The Environment buildings are located right off of a bus route in town that runs through the University, and there is a GO intercity bus stop located on campus. [See: Maps]


There are washrooms on every floor of the buildings, and there will be gender neutral, as well as gendered washrooms.


On Friday, snacks will be provided. On Saturday and Sunday snacks as well as lunch will be provided. There will be food options for a variety of dietary needs (gluten free, vegan, etc.), and all food will be clearly labeled. All food will be available for free.


Children are absolutely welcome at the conference. There will be a room with children’s activities throughout the conference, though of course children are welcome to participate in any aspect of the conference. For more information or to pre-register your child, please email


ASL is available upon request. Please email spi[at]wpirg[dot]org in advance with specific workshop requests so we can ensure someone is there.


There will be a quiet room with some supplies such as reading material, crafts and a commitment to being quiet.


Active Listeners will be available during the conference. These are a group of people who are there to touch base with if you need some support. They will be at the registration desk so that they are easy to find.


As this event is happening in open university buildings, and as we cannot guarantee that all conference attendees will see this before attending, we cannot guarantee a scent free environment. We do ask that folks refrain from wearing any scents wherever possible and to avoid the use of scented body products including (but not limited to) shampoos, laundry soaps, essential oils, deodorant etc. For more information on scent-free tips, see:


As organizers of this event, we will try to provide an environment free of harassment, discrimination, and oppression. We recognize that the accessibility of a space can be impacted by the behaviour of the people present in that space and, obviously, cannot make an accessible space happen on our own. Please help us create a really exciting space by:

  • Refraining from wearing scented things
  • Whenever possible, keeping aisles and hallways clear at least three feet to ensure greater mobility
  • Respecting the use of gender-neutral pronouns and checking in with people about how they identify (e.g. she/he/they) before making assumptions
  • Being mindful that children may be present in workshops and throughout the weekend
  • Respecting each other’s boundaries and not making assumptions about anyone’s level of comfort with physical contact
  • Being conscious of the language that you use and being mindful that your behaviour and language impact other people
  • Being receptive if someone tells you that your behaviour or language is hurtful, inappropriate, problematic, etc.
  • Being conscious of the shared space, and looking out for each other
  • Letting us know if there are other ways we could make it more accessible for you!


If you have any questions or additional accessibility requests, please let us know at We have limited resources, but we will do our best to accommodate.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that members of the law enforcement and/or their accomplices will not be present though they are not welcome at this event. Please refrain from saying anything that could incriminate yourself or others.